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First time wearing the clogs and got a lot of compliment on my clogs. Enjoy the clogs I wear them more then my sneakers.

They are comfortable and give more support than a pair of slippers or shoes to wear around the house

I like it

Shipping is also fast and good quality.

They are amazing!!! Even better than I imagined!

They're so cute and so comfortable. My granddaughter loves them.


OK, so I needed new crocs anyway, and they're a good fit and comfortable. But the picture β€” I LOVE THEM!! Only problem is I keep bumping into walls because it's hard to walk when I keep looking down to admire my feet.

Personalized Crocks

The crocks are a big hit and knowing no one else has them makes it even better. Bright colors, great picture teansfer and overall a perfect gift!! Sizes run small.

Love love love my bag

Looks cute and good quality!
100 score

My daughter loves them

My daughter absolutely loves these.

The Perfect Gift for Farmed Bird Sanctuary Owner!

I bought these as a birthday gift for my friend, founder of Georgia's Place Bird Sanctuary, and she loooooooved them. Accurate size description, comfy, and showed up maybe a month after I ordered them (so order sooner than later).

My Turtle Mug

Received my mug Monday and I absolutely LOVE it. It is perfect. If you love or even just like turtles, you need this mug!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

cow print crocs

love the crocs but the shipping took forever !!!


I did not receive the turtle crocs I ordered. I received these cow crocs instead. Returning them for a full refund.

They are adorable!

I loved them! They are super light, beautiful color and comfortable. Love the design. my favorite thing is the picture of my two beloved cats. I can take them everywhere with me.

Custom horse crocs

I absolutely loved these crocs. I have yet to give the gift out but just those who’ve seen have been blown away. Good quality pictures even if yours isn’t that great. These horses passed away so I wanted my grandma to have memories.

I'd buy this again and again. 5 stars!!

Thanks so much for the crocs, it's comfy. Love the color and they are very cute. All I can say is: "I LOVE my Crocs!"

A very nice quilt and shipped to me in a short time.
I'd definitely shop here again.

Exactly what I expected

They are comfortable on my feet.
You guys did a great job. Thank you so much!

Super cute, comfortable and fun

The funny design makes me smile. Are extremely comfortable. Great for gardening, watering, or taking dog for a walk in wet weather. I have worn them quite a few times and have had no wear on the print.

Love love love my Clogs Shoes

I use this product everyday.Yes, I would recommend to a friend.100 score

Kitty clogs

The shoes turned out beautiful! I absolutely love them.

Mother of Black Cats

I'm the mother of black cats and I got a pair to have both of them on. My boy who died several years ago is on the right foot my girl who is sitting right next to me now is on the left foot. They showed up this afternoon, I was told they'd show up at some point between now and Halloween. I had already been out on several walks around my neighborhood today but the second they showed up I was like I've got to take another walk and put a couple of kilometers on these! I feel like these are going to be my new default shoes so when anyone asks about my cats I can just be like this is Harry and this is Sally. Yes they have their names on them too but I usually wear them with that part behind my ankle unless I'm just slipping them on to get my mail. Attached our pictures of them just slipped on like I was going out to get the mail and the other one is right before I actually went out on a walk. One thing I really did like was how when they got the pictures I got an email back almost immediately like hey do you want the cat tower to be as part of the image because of my girls Paul looking like it's just in the middle of nowhere and I was like yes thank you cuz when I was going through all the pictures of my cats I could not find a really good picture of her looking at the camera that she didn't have one paw sticking out in it's kind of her quirk!

Puerto rico πŸ‘š

Puerto Rico πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Love it!

Looks beautiful, great quality. Father's day gift and he loves it.

Would definitely recommend

They are very comfortable & nice look clog.