The new size chart for Teezalo clogs shoes

October 19, 2023 2 min read

Shoe size is always something you have to choose when buying clogs. We started our clogs business at the end of 2021 with Puerto Rican clogs and then expanded our business selling clogs to other niches. During that development journey, we always think about how to best serve customers. However, the more we sell, the more we realize some shortcomings that need to be improved

The issue of shoe size is an issue that customers often complain about. Customers often complain that Teezalo's clogs size chart is a bit small compared to US clogs size standards
Realizing that, we worked again with the factory to complete the new size chart system. So far, Teezalo's new size chart system has followed the US clogs size standard

Please see our new size chart below



Instructions for measuring the length from heel to toe

Step 1: Place the paper perpendicular to the wall. Stand up on the piece of paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.
Step 2: Mark the top of the longest toe on the paper. Measure the distance from the wall to the marker for heel to toe length (inch).
Step 3: Compare the heel to toe length measurement with the bellow size chart to choose the corresponding size in the US WOMEN'S or US MEN'S column.

Example: Heel to toe length is 9.5 inches corresponding to size 8 US WOMEN'S or 6 US MEN'S

Tip: Clogs come in whole sizes only. If you typically wear a half size, we recommend you order a size Up.

Product measurements may vary by up to 3~5mm

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