Should You Buy A Bucket Hat?

September 07, 2022 2 min read

Should You Buy A Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats are back

You may be wondering if bucket hats are still a style you should jump on in 2022. The answer is YES!

Even though bucket hats have been around for a long time, it seems like lately, we’re seeing them everywhere.

The bucket hats are so popular is that they look good on almost everyone! Men, women, and children can wear bucket hats.

Designers and celebrities have been including them in their fashion lines, they’re making an even bigger bucket hat trend in 2022.


How to style your bucket hat

Bucket hats not only look great, but they are also a practical accessory to have in your wardrobe.
Other than the health benefit of wearing the bucket hat, they will keep your head warm when it’s cold, dry when it is raining, and protected from sunburn when it’s sunny, the hat can be a tricky accessory to pull off with your style.

For a casual outfit, you may want to add a neutral bucket hat so that it adds value to your outfit but doesn't overpower it.

If you are wearing more of a street-style outfit you may choose a more vibrant bucket hat or maybe one with a bold pattern to complete your outfit perfectly.

For summer style, lighten it up with flowy shirts, and beachwear. The bucket hats are good for the beach because they provide sun protection.


Where to shop bucket hats

The best way to know if a bucket hat suits you is to try one on! Better yet, try a few different ones on.

You can shop them at Teezalo, the place to find the best custom apparel products.

Here are some cool and trendy bucket hats collections that are practical and stylish to consider for your wardrobe.

Puerto Rico Bucket Hats

Jamaica Bucket Hats

Mexico Bucket Hats

Which outfit do you like better? Would you ever try this bucket hat trend?

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